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  • Totem game - English
    Totem card - OwlQuality card - Open-mindedTotem card - FoxQuality card - DynamicTotem card - ParrotQuality card - Clever

    Totem – THE feel good game!



    Totem game – English


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    Totem, le jeu qui fait du bien



    Imagine your relatives telling you, in turn, what they appreciate most about you. This is what this tool does as you experience the construction of a personal Totem reflecting the best of your personality.

    The Totem is built using an ANIMAL card, associated with one of your strengths, and a QUALITY card, which describes a quality you have. Both cards are chosen and then explained by the other players.

    You will surely experience a unique and energising moment. You will then understand why everyone agrees to say that :  “ Totem is THE feel good game! ”

    This box contains: 80 animal cards – 80 quality cards – 2 rules cards



    Jeu Totem – Français


    Fabrique au Québec



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